The Legacy of Hamilton Gardens

Hamilton Gardens was the gift of Hazel and Fred Hamilton to Towns County. The Hamilton’s were collectors of both native azaleas and rhododendrons as well as propagators of same. Many of the plants located in the gardens are hybrids from their work. They traveled extensively and added to their collection whenever possible, and maintained two spectacular gardens, one in Atlanta and one in Towns County. As they got older and maintenance of the gardens became more challenging, Mr. Hamilton began searching in Towns County for a location large enough to house the plants from his gardens. The perfect spot was found on property donated by the Tennessee Valley Authority to Towns County to be used by the county as a park. The present location is what became known as Hamilton Gardens, and was planted in 1981 with an initial 1,091 plants, most of which were rhododendrons and native azaleas. His only request was to maintain the gardens in perpetuity and to keep them open to the public.

The Daffodil Project

The Daffodil Project is an international project which aspires to honor and remember the 1.5 million children who were murdered in the Holocaust. Hamilton Gardens is a part of this project and will be planting 600 special daffodil bulbs in the current Memorial Garden. The Dedication ceremony will be held in the Spring of 2018.